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Introducing Alwell
Your mental health professional network

Finally, an alternative to social media groups and email chains

Now, you can connect with colleagues and build referral networks on a secure platform built specifically for mental health professionals!
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Connecting mental health professionals

We connect verified mental health professionals on a secure referral and messaging platform.

Consult with colleagues

Join a diverse community of verified mental health professionals all across the United States. Ask questions, start discussions and grow your referral network.

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Find reliable referrals

Post outgoing referrals when your practice is full and find the right clients for your specialty when you're ready to increase your caseload.

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Promote your practice

Share about events, trainings, workshops, job opportunities and more. Seek supervision or find associates and grow your practice.

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“Alwell allows the process of referrals to be more efficient and streamlined, giving me more time to focus on client care and other aspects of my practice.”

Private Practice LMFT, San Luis Obispo, CA

Your colleagues are your best referral resource

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